Vue 3 detection ✨

We now support Vue 3 in the vue-telemetry-analyzer, making it available today in the Chrome and Firefox extensions.

vue telemetry vue 3 support

On top of it, we also added support for PrimeVue and Vuesax UI frameworks.

Thank you to @cagataycivici, @alfonsobries, @antfu and our contributors for their help 🙌


Vue Telemetry extension v1.4.1 release

  • fixes issues with login to phpMyAdmin, Cloudflare, Mailchimp etc

Sort by popularity

You can now sort websites by popularity, we are using the Alexa Rank for ranking.

vue telemetry sorting

Website improvements and fixes

  • hide "Install extension" button if extension already installed
  • fix the ENOMEM error on lookup input

Vue Telemetry extension v1.4.0 release

  • URL's ignore list (localhost, IP's)
  • fix SourceMap warning
  • fix the ENOMEM error
  • add window.$vueTelemetryExtension for extension installation detection

Vue Telemetry Analyzer v0.7.6 release

  • use Puppeteer
  • update Puppeteer configuration to fix the ENOMEM error
  • add vee-validate support

New Detectors 🤖

Vue Telemetry analyzer is open source, allowing anyone to add new detectors for Vue frameworks, plugins, Nuxt modules and UI librairies.

We received 3 pull requests, adding support for:

Thank you to these awesome contributors! We are looking forward seing more detectors from the Vue community 💚

website is live ✨

Afer multiple weeks of private beta to gather feedback, we are excited to officialy release Vue Telemetry.

Vue Telemetry is a website and a browser extension revealing the Vue plugins and technology stack powering any website.

At NuxtJS, we are Vue developers and curious about what Vue plugins or Nuxt modules are used when looking at a website, this is why we created Vue Telemetry, a tool inspired by the Vue Devtools and Wappalyzer for the Vue commmunity.

Vue Telemetry provides Vue developers a tool to explore Vue.js ecosystem for inspiration, research or analysis.

The website and extension are free to use, we do not track you and fully respect your privacy (we are developers too so we know how bad tracking is).

The analyzer and browser extensions are open source and adding new detector is super easy!

We would like to thank Netlify and Cloudinary for offering their service to the Vue community 💚


Vue Telemetry extension v1.2 release

The extension now analyze locally, making it as fast as Vue Devtools to detect Vue and its ecosystem ⚡️


Vue Telemetry extension 1.1.2 release

Handle fonts and remove basic auth.


Private Beta release

Vue Telemetry website opens private access to beta testers from Vue.js community.


Bug Fixes

Change buefy icon